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I am a UI /UX designer living in London, where I work as a Freelance Designer
With a background in Product Design, my strength lies in user research and ideation
JWG Builders
Only By Nature
Graduating from Ravensbourne University has encouraged me to open up to a broad variety of disciplines and strategies in the process of creating meaningful bodies of work. My background in Product design and Graphic design has given me a strong knowledge of strategic thinking towards being a UI/UX designer, which helps push me to design innovating and merging the digital with the physical ideas to make a great interaction that meets the values and needs of a user, I use a wide variety skills to express the creation of development.

I decided to transition into a UI/UXer because I see every new experience as an opportunity to learn and develop; designing and bring that same interaction you get from a psychical format to digital and at times merging both to make a beautiful collaboration of the two.  I enjoy projects that require me to push beyond my boundaries and acquire new skills and knowledge in order to succeed.
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